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Design perfection, professional craftsmanship and unmatched service

AMBIGRAM Interior aim is to process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment. design draws on aspects of environmental psychology, architecture and product design.

Essential parts of all design styles are concept, color, proportion, balance, ergonomics and function of design. Although all styles differentiate their usage of each of these, they are all an integral part of the overall look and feel of a space. Designers incorporate the seven elements of design to create and enhance style: form, mass, shape, line, color, texture and pattern.

• Classical & Modern style Residences / Villas
• Boutique stores
• Retail outlets
• Spas & Salons
• Corporate Projects & Offices
• Restaurants and hotels

AMBIGRAM is an Interior Design and Build company formed upon the premise of crafting the most creative and professional Interior Design company in the region. Young at heart and eager in spirit, AMBIGRAM aims to be positioned at the forefront of this industry by combining creative design styles with a radically thorough approach to execution.

The synchronized merger of Engineering and Art is what makes AMBIGRAM special and an emerging market leader. AMBIGRAM has gradually developed into a multi-faceted interior design organization with different divisions handling key aspects of turnkey projects:

• A touch of Class……….

Inspired by the elegant, designers, reminiscent of the Victorian Era, the team at AMBIGRAM creates interior masterpieces – an amalgamation of the warmth of Arabic culture with a touch of French elegance.

• From Concept to Creation……………..
AMBIGRAM was established on the premise of catering to a niche elite segment of the market who are connoisseurs of fashionable and quality interiors. From trendy, minimalist corporate settings to robust oriental hospitality environs, innovative designs are the forte here. Contemporary, modern lines and European design fundamentals govern the dramatic yet simple creations. Our range of commercial experience includes – Retail Spaces & Showrooms – Restaurants & Hospitality – Spas & Salons – Corporate offices.

A team of creative designers, fabric & texture consultants and engineers provide turn-key solutions from consultation, design, fabrication and execution to complete project management.